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I Sujitha (Suji) Narendra, am the founder of AKN Jewellery. I have been passionate about culture, tradition and fashion jewellery since a young age and now I am successfully growing my passion into a business.


In January 2016, with a motivational boost from my family, I opened my first social media page on Instagram, sharing inspirational pictures of Asian fashion jewellery. The page attracted a lot of attention and positive response from many followers, and in a short space of time I was able to begin AKN.


My business is my passion therefore I wanted the name to represent something personal and close to me. AKN stands for Arjun Kiri Narendra named after the three closest men in my life- my son, my late father and my husband. Since starting this journey I now have 2 more children who have been named within these initials also.


AKN focuses largely on tradition and aims to bring to you the finest collection, engaging mainly in the South Indian and Sri-lankan culture. Each item is carefully picked or designed by myself to bring tradition to you in style.


My range of collections include Temple jewellery, all ranges of Kundan jewellery specialising in Jadau Kundan, Mother of Pearl,  Original Araku, Polki jewellery, Antique jewellery and many more with options to customise on selective items including hiring of bridal jewellery.


My ambition is to make your shopping experience enjoyable, easy and inspirational. I am committed to working in partnership with our customers to ensure your individual requirements are fully met.

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